e-Conference on Connecting the Rohingya Diaspora

The Founder & CEO of Donate for Bhurungamari was invited to attend the International e-Conference on Connecting the Rohingya Diaspora: Highlighting the Global Displacement (25-26 August 2020). The e-Conference will jointly be organized by the Centre for Genocide Studies, University of Dhaka, ActionAid, and the Centre for Peace and Justice (CPJ) and Brac University.

The e-Conference aims to bring together experts, scholars, researchers, and human rights activists working on the Rohingya Diaspora from around the world, including Bangladesh. The e-Conference will highlight the widespread human rights violation, systemic persecution, and possible genocide faced by the Rohingyas in Myanmar. The e-Conference will also share the experience of the Rohingya Diaspora spread around the world, and connect the Rohingyas both inside and outside Myanmar so that the Rohingyas can devise policies to put pressure on Myanmar, indeed, with the goal of returning to their homeland in the Arakan, Myanmar, with dignity and right to citizenship.

The e-Conference will feature speakers and discussants from Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, India, Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, The Netherlands, UK, and the USA.

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