COVID-19 Project

When COVID-19 Pandemic started to spread all over the world, Donate for Bhurungamari has taken several initiatives to fight against it on the ground level. First & foremost, DFB started doing campaigns associated with safety & hygiene measures to the marginalized poor & rural communities who live under the poverty line. Besides that, DFB made a large group of dedicated & courageous volunteer team & provided them safety & standard hygiene measures training to work in the field with the direct contact of COVID-19 contaminated patients & their families. Where no one dares to go, all the volunteers of DFB have the courage to go there & serve those affected people. It has been doing awareness campaigns to stay people at home in this pandemic to keep them healthy & safe as well. It has been giving masks & other safety materials to the communities, who are more vulnerable to COVID-19 disease. Donate for Bhurungamari has coordinated with the Health Complex, Police & Local Administration in order to provide healthcare & other safety-related services or facilities to the vulnerable communities in Bangladesh. It provides physical health services as well as mental health services to the COVID-19 affected people and their families. Because mass hysteria is spread rapidly during a pandemic. Therefore, it is very important to take care of our mental health along with our physical health in order to reduce anxiety & depression & sometimes even severe mental disorders. Last but not the least, DFB has been providing food, necessary goods and safety materials like sanitizers, soap, detergent, hand wash, etc. to the unprivileged communities in Bangladesh. This COVID-19 project aims to reduce community transmission of COVID-19 disease, reduce hunger & to provide proper healthcare services to those, who are unable to receive it & live under the poverty line. COVID-19 project is not only for those who are living under the poverty line but also for middle & high-class families who are affected & vulnerable to COVID-19.