100 Takar School

100 takar school

100 Takar School- An Initiative Taken by DFBY Foundation


100 Takar School is introducing for the first time in Bangladesh!

In this online school, anyone from anywhere can take live classes for just 100 taka and will be able to receive a quality education. This initiative is taken up by DFBY Foundation BD.

The 100 Takar School is a new initiative in Bangladesh that is providing quality education to anyone, anywhere in the country for just 100 taka. The school is being run by the DFBY Foundation BD, an organization registered by the Government of Bangladesh.

The DFBY Foundation BD has been working in the disaster and healthcare sectors since its inception but has now started the journey of the 100 Takar School under its Access To Education project. The aim of the school is to provide accessible and affordable education to all, regardless of their socio-economic background.

Most people of Bangladesh live in rural areas. At present, almost half of the population of Bangladesh is young people. Bangladesh will soon become a developed country if these youths can be trained well. Education is the key to making this youth skilled. If the youth in Bangladesh can develop their skills properly, the country will also be developed.

Primarily, we have started our journey with some courses like graphic design courses on illustrator, Photoshop and Canva. Digital Marketing Courses like Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Linkedin Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, CPA Marketing, Affiliate Marketing etc. Web Development and Design Courses on WordPress, Elementor and SEO Audit. Besides freelancing courses, there are a lot of skill development courses 100 takar school provides, like Spoken English, Presentation, Public Speaking, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, Business Idea Development, Entrepreneurship Development etc. We will add more courses very soon.

These courses could be particularly beneficial for those who are interested in building a career in the creative or digital industries, as well as those who are looking to develop their skills in other areas such as public speaking, entrepreneurship, and freelancing.

Those who have only a smartphone and an internet connection can get almost free education on various Freelancing and Skill Development courses in the Bangla language. Not only everyone will be able to get an education here for just 100 taka, but also employment opportunities will be created here for the skilled unemployed youth.

The 100 Takar School is a unique initiative that is providing quality education to all. This is a much-needed initiative in Bangladesh, where many people do not have access to quality education. We urge everyone to support this initiative and help make quality education accessible to all.

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Let’s make a change!

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