DFB Official Documentary

A story of some dedicated young people who risked their lives to save COVID-19 patients from hunger & disease. This is the true story of some frontline worriers of COVID-19 www.donateforbhurungamari.com When the whole world was passing busy days, suddenly the deadliest virus named novel corona came to china. It was December 2019. Day after day this virus began to spread almost all over the world. It was March 2020, when it reached Bangladesh. Bangladesh is a developing country. From 26 March, the lockdown at the entire country was announced by the Government of the people’s republic of Bangladesh. Every shop, business, transport, offices & other public & private working sectors were closed. In a moment, the entire country was shut off. Novel Coronavirus or COVID-19 disease started its community transmission within a very few days after reaching here. Bhurungamari, an Upazila which is located in the northern part of Bangladesh. When the virus came to Bangladesh, an organization located in Bhurungamari called “Donate for Bhurungamari” or DFB, in short, began to work on COVID-19 Pandemic in the rural areas. It recruits more than 300 volunteers to fight against COVID-19 and the crisis on the ground who are absolutely dedicated to humanity. Ashikur Rahman is the founder & CEO of Donate for Bhurungamari started providing training to the volunteers regarding Standard Hygiene Measures, Safety Measures & The 7 Steps of Handwashing by following the guidelines of the World Health Organization. He also made home-made masks by following the guidelines of the Health Department which are under the Ministry of Health & Family Planning of Bangladesh. All these masks give a hundred percent safety against coronavirus by preventing the Droplet Transmission. Since more than half of the population in Bangladesh live under the poverty line, hunger inside the country began to raise up. Therefore, Donate for Bhurungamari started providing foods, safety materials, and other livelihoods to the marginalized poor & vulnerable families. When everyone sleeps at night, the courageous & dedicated volunteers of DFB go to the house to house & door to door of the poor families to give them their needs to survive. Days were passing & the transmission & contamination rate was getting higher. At that moment, Donate for Bhurungamari coordinated with the Health Complex, Police & Local Administration in order to provide basic Physical & Mental Health Services to the affected or contaminated COVID-19 patients along with foods & other staff. When everyone afraid of going to the contaminated patients and their families, our courageous volunteers started to go & serve them. We have lots of experiences & achievements. One of them is giving birth to a baby from a pregnant woman who was from a COVID-19 contaminated family. Suddenly her labor pain started. They informed us to help them. Where nobody even had the courage to go, the team of DFB went there & successfully gave birth to a child with the coordination of the Upazila Health Complex, Police & Local Administration. DFB is trying to reach to all the poor people to feed them. But the number is so much higher. A large number of people are still fighting against hunger, not only against the virus. The situation is getting more measurable day by day in Bangladesh. The contamination is spreading more rapidly than ever before. The volunteers have been working directly with the contaminated patients having only the basic safety equipment, where the virus is very sensitive and deadliest. They need Personal Protective equipment to serve humanity at this moment. On the other hand, Donate for Bhurungamari needs hundreds of thousands of dollars in order to provide foods & other healthcare services and materials to the poor & vulnerable families in Bangladesh. Donate for it! Your every donation counts. Your contribution & donation can save the fate of an entire vulnerable family. Donate for the COVID-19 crisis of Bangladesh.

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