Membership at the Global Waste Cleaning Network, UK

From now, Donate for Bhurungamari is a registered member of the Global Waste Cleaning Network for the period of 12 months running from 01 July 2021 till 30 June 2022.
Global Waste Cleaning Network (GWCN) is a fast-growing organization focused on Environment Protection & Green Energy; subjects that are of serious importance to the habitats on planet Earth. We are at the forefront of growing a solid platform and thriving network of environment and energy companies, NGOs, and institutions, both private and public; which are actively involved in environmental issues, advocating carbon reduction and waste management of all kinds; i.e. solid, liquid and gaseous waste, which adversely impact lives, flora and fauna and ecosystems. GWCN also incorporates a Research Center served by PhDs and researchers from around the world writing articles on about 20 environmental and energy areas of specialization, global and/or with a focus on specific geographical regions and countries. The research center is in partnership with the eminent School of Water, Energy and Environment of Cranfield University in the UK.
As the member of GWCN, Donate for Bhurungamari will get the access to the opportunities mentioned below-
*Feature in the members’ directory of GWCN Website.
*Receive GWCN E-Newsletter.
*Attend GWCN annual conference and get the chance to meet other member organizations.
*Attend and participate in GWCN regular webinars.
*Access to GWCN online information library about environmental events and grant opportunities from around the world.
*Get the opportunity to develop a research project through our research center.
*Get the support of GWCN for your own conferences/webinars.
Global Waste Cleaning Network – GWCN
Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk
England, United Kingdom
Registered as a CIO in England and Wales under charity number 1192372