Donate Now to Save Lives

In the previous year, we tried our best to implement our plans to stop the transmission. So with the cooperation and coordination of everyone, we were completely successful in dealing with the 1st wave of Corona, Alhamdulillah.

But you know what? For whom did we succeed in our plans? Through the donations of some great people, through the volunteer brothers and sisters working in the field day and night to reach as many marginalized people as possible to provide physical and mental healthcare services in remote areas, and above all through the small donations of all of you.

You would be surprised to know that most of our funds came from your small donations, even 50 taka donations made a lot of change. That is why it is said, “Drops of water make ocean..”

This time, in the 3rd wave of the novel coronavirus, we are working as the previous year in order to control the transmission in coordination with Upazila Health Department. This time the task is a hundred times more difficult than the previous year. Now, the main job is to do everything we need to do to save lives. But all this work is very expensive and difficult. Millions of taka are needed. But we do not have that ability. Therefore, we need your contribution. A little contribution of yours, can change a lot.

Now you are our hope. From today, like the previous year, the fund collection of Donate for Bhurungamari has been started through Facebook.

This year our Slogan is,

“A small donation from you,
Can save a life.”


To send donations through mobile banking-
Bkash: 01762955514 (Personal)
Rocket: 017629555145 (Personal)
Nagad: 01617031979 (Personal)


Or, you can send your donation directly through a bank account-

Account Number: 20503556700016909
Account Name: Md. Ashikur Rahman
Bank Name: Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited
Branch Name: Bhurungamari Branch
Or click here to send your donation to support our work from home or abroad.